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Week-end workshop

A week-end workshop is organised on July 6th and 7th. It is hosted by the ISSAC conference. It is dedicated to people who make use of (or are simply interested in) computer algebra (e.g. in teaching) and would like to learn more on how computer algebra systems work. The week-end is in French and nearly free.

Un week-end d'initiation-formation est organisé les 6 et 7 juillet. Il est gracieusement hebergé par la conférence ISSAC. Il est destiné à toute personne utilisant (ou simplement intéressée) par le calcul formel (par exemple pour l'enseignement), qui voudrait en apprendre davantage sur la façon dont fonctionnent les systèmes de calcul formel. Ce week-end est en Français et quasiment gratuit.

Pour en savoir davantage, téléchargez la "lettre aux collègues" contenant le formulaire d'inscription (date limite : le 10 juin) et l'annonce, tous deux en mode texte.

Lettre : PostScript, pdf et texte.
Annonce : PostScript, pdf et texte.

Aldor workshop

Second Workshop on Categorical Programming Languages with an Emphasis on Aldor

9h00-18h00 Thursday July 11, 2002
Maison d'Activités Culturelles et de Colloques (MACC)
University of Lille I, Lille, France.


This workshop is a satellite event to ISSAC 2002, the 2002 International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation. ISSAC is the annual flagship conference in the area of symbolic mathematical computation.

The most successful current programming languages are based the paradigm of object orientation, where individual data objects have state which is modified by object-specific methods. These programming languages do not lend themselves to the natural expression of mathematical algorithms, which view computation more as a calculation of new values from multiple given objects, which are left unchanged.

A number of independent programming languages have emerged which offer a more natural setting for mathematical algorithms, and which arguably have all of the benefits of object orientation. The common trait of these languages is to treat types as values and to make pervasive use of dependent types. Examples include Pebble (to explore type theory), NuPrl and COQ (for computer assisted theorem proving), and Aldor (for computer algebra). Each of these provides a realization of a typed higher-order lambda calculus in which the usual object oriented paradigm can be recovered through the use of dependent product types.

Of these languages, Aldor is of particular interest for the area of algorithmic mathematics because its type system is designed to support rich hierarchies of type categories corresponding to the categories of modern algebra.

Such "Categorical Programming Languages" allow the natural expression of algorithms in the most generic setting. Generalization algorithms takes the form of weakening categorical constraints on arguments, or strengthening categorical statements about their return values. Far from being "abstract nonsense," this approach leads to highly configurable software with sufficient information to compile efficient code.

For more information about Aldor, please visit the official website (


This workshop shall focus on the theoretical and practical issues in the implementation and use of categorical programming languages, with an emphasis on the Aldor programming language, its compiler, and libraries. Particular attention shall be directed to the release of Aldor included as part of the ISSAC 2002 CD, and to the contents of the next release.

Workshop participants shall fall into four groups:

A list of confirmed participants shall be made available at a later date.


The workshop is open to general attendees and there is no registration fee. Places in the workshop shall be made available on a first-come first-serve basis. Registration requests should be sent by July 4 to

Ms Bethany Heinrichs

and should include:

Special dietary requirements:
Previous use of Aldor, if any:
Do you wish to make a presentation:


The workshop acknowledges the kind support of

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