Issac 2002
Issac 2002
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Conference Committee:

Conference Chair: Marc Giusti CNRS - École Polytechnique, France.
Program Committee Chair: Luis Miguel Pardo Vasallo Universidad de Cantabria, Spain
Proceedings Editor: Teo Mora Univ. Genova, Italy.
Local Arrangements Chair: Marc Moreno Maza Université de Lille I, France.
Exhibits and demos: Grégoire Lecerf (Demos) CNRS--Université de Versailles, France.
Marc Moreno Maza (Chair) Université de Lille I, France.
Renaud Rioboo (Demos) Université Paris 6, France.
Posters: Rob Corless (Chair) University of Western Ontario, Canada
Emil Volcheck National Security Agency, USA.
Publicity Chair and Webmaster: François Lemaire Université de Lille I, France.
Registration and Treasurer: Nicole Dubois CNRS - École Polytechnique, France.
Eric Schost (Chair) École Polytechnique, France.

Program Committee:

Jacques Calmet Universität Karlsruhe, Germany.
Rob Corless UWO, London, Ontario, Canada.
Mark van Hoeij FSU, Tallahassee Fl, USA.
Erich Kaltofen NCSU, Raleigh NC, USA.
Daniel Lazard Université Paris 6, France.
Teo Mora Univ. Genova, Italy.
François Ollivier C.N.R.S. - École Polytechnique, France.
Luis M. Pardo (Chair) Universidad de Cantabria, Spain.
Bruno Salvy I.N.R.I.A. - Rocquencourt, France.
Michael Singer M.S.R.I. - University of California at Berkeley, USA.
Mike Stillman Cornell University, Ithaca NY, USA.
Gilles Villard C.N.R.S. - E.N.S. Lyon, France.
Stephen Watt UWO, London, Ontario, Canada.
Volker Weispfenning Universität Passau, Germany.
Jean-Claude Yakoubsohn UPS, Toulouse, France.

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