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Issac 2002
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This year ISSAC organises a new live software demonstration session.


This session is intended to promote software development activities in the areas of symbolic mathematical computation.

To encourage submissions of good quality, two best demonstration prizes will be awarded. Demonstrations will be judged by the program committee and the attendees independently, both based on content and presentation.

Conference topics

Topics of the meeting include, but are not limited to:


The demonstrations must mainly make use of a computer connected to a video-projector.

We recommend the demonstrations to last between 5 and 15 minutes.

Demonstrators are invited to submit:

Documents must be in English. Plain TeX or LaTeX is preferred, but plain text is also acceptable.

Documents should be submitted via electronic mail to

If you can not send your proposal via electronic mail, please send it in hard-copy using postal mail or fax:

Grégoire Lecerf
Laboratoire de Mathématiques
Université de Versailles St-Quentin-en-Yvelines
Bâtiment Fermat
45, avenue des Etats-Unis
78035 Versailles
fax: (33) 1 39 25 46 45


A software demonstration consists in presenting the features of a piece of software and illustrating them by using a laptop computer. One of the aims of your demonstration is to convince the attendees to use your software. In particular you should make clear the following aspects:

Try to make your demonstration as visual as possible and remember that printing huge output is not very attractive to attendees.

Interfacing your software with an interactive graphical browser will be greatly appreciated, attendees will understand your results more clearly.

A demonstration consisting in presenting slides only is not recommended. Limited presentations inside a session of a computer algebra package or a web browser are preferred.

Excessive benchmarking is not recommended. It is preferred to demonstrate that your software is fast by running live examples avoiding comparisons with other packages as much as possible.

Comparing different algorithms implemented within your software is a good idea and should preferably be done using live examples. Make moderate use of running time tables.

Technical details

A video projector will be available at the conference and you will be able to test it prior to your demonstration. The video projector will be a NEC LT 156 or an HITACHI CP-X935W/E.

If possible, the demonstrators will supply any other equipment needed for the demonstration. In particular you are invited to come to the conference with your own standalone laptop ready to be connected to the video projector.

You will not have access to a network during your presentation, if you need several laptops for your demonstration you shnould bring all the networking components (cards, wires...) with you.

Remember that computers are subject to faults, you should take all the necessary measures to be able to run your demonstration. Having a CD-Rom with the software you use is a good idea.

For those who will not be able to come with their own equipment, a "gnu/Linux Intel 586" compatible platform will be provided by the MEDICIS computer centre. This machine will be able to run the software available at MEDICIS. The description of the resources of the centre can be found at

Demonstrators are invited to ask for an account in order to develop and test their demonstrations in advance:

Feel free to contact the exhibit chair for any questions at:

For technical remarks, contact webmaster :
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