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Issac 2002
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Accepted papers, posters and demos

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S.A. Abramov Applicability of Zeilberger's Algorithm to Hypergeometric Terms
R.J. Bradford and J.H. Davenport Towards Better Simplification of Elementary Functions
B. Beckermann, H. Cheng, G. Labahn Fraction-free Row Reduction of Matrices of Skew Polynomials
M. Bronstein, S.Lafaille Solutions of linear ordinary differential equations in terms of special functions
A.D. Chtcherba, D. Kapur Efficiency and Optimality considerations of Dixon-based resultant methods
R.M. Corless, A. Galligo, I.S. Kotsireas, S.M. Watt A Geometric-Numeric Algorithm for Factoring Multivariate Polynomials
A. Dickenstein and I. Emiris Multihomogeneous resultant matrices
S.S. Dooley Editing Mathematical Content and Presentation Markup in Interactive Mathematical Documents
J.-G. Dumas, T. Gautier, C. Pernet Finite fields linear algebra subroutines
J.C. Faugère A new efficient algorithm for computing Gröbner bases without reduction to zero (F5)
P. Fernandez-Ferreiros, M.A. Gomez-Molleda, L. Gonzalez-Vega Partial solvability by radicals
E. Fortuna, P. Gianni, P. Parenti, C. Traverso Computing the topology of real algebraic surfaces
M. Giesbrecht, E. Kaltofen, Wen-shin Lee Algorithms for Computing the Sparsest Shifts of Polynomials via the Berlekamp/Massey Algorithm
M. van Hoeij, M. Monagan A Modular GCD algorithm over Number Fields presented with Multiple Extensions
J. van der HoevenA new zero-test for formal power series
S. Hossain, T. SteihaugSparsity Issues in the Computation of Jacobian Matrices
C.-P. JeannerodA reduced form for perturbed matrix polynomials
E. KaltofenAn output-sensitive variant of the baby steps/giant steps determinant algorithm
A. Khetan Determinantal Formula for the Chow Form of a Toric Surface
I.A. Kogan and M. Moreno-Maza Computation of Canonical Forms for Ternary Cubics
S. Langley and D. Richardson. Some Observations about Familiar Numbers"
Z. Li, F. Schwarz, S. Tsarev Factoring Zero-dimensional Ideals of Linear Partial Differential Operators
H.Q. Le Simplification of Definite Sums of Rational Functions
E.M. Luks and T. MiyazakiPolynomial-time normalizers for permutation groups with restricted composition factors
G. Matera, A. Sedoglavic The differential Hilbert function of a differential rational mapping can be computed in polynomial time
K. Nagasaka Towards Certified Irreducibility Testing of Bivariate Approximate Polynomials
M. Noro, K. Yokoyama Yet Another Practical Implementation of Polynomial Factorization over Finite Fields
V.Y. Pan, X. Wang Accelerated Computation by Extended Euclidean Algorithm for Integers and Applications
R. Rioboo Towards Faster Real Algebraic Numbers
Y. Sato, A. Suzuki An alternative approach to Comprehensive GröbnerBases
J. Schicho Simplification of Surface Parametrizations
E. Schost Degree bounds and lifting techniques for triangular sets
A. Storjohann High-Order Lifting
C. Traverso, A. Zanoni Numerical stability and stabilization of Gröbner basis computation
V. Weispfenning Canonical Comprehensive Gröbner Bases


Not available yet.


A. Franke, M. Moshner, M. Pollet Cooperation between MBase and the Theorem Prover Omega
T. Jebelean, B. Buchberger, and the Theorema Group Theorema: A System for the Working Mathematician
G. Lecerf Solving polynomial equation systems using the Kronecker package
V. Loechner, P. Clauss, D. Wilde, B. Meister, R. Seghir, G. Bitran, J. Léger PolyLib: A Library for doing Symbolic Polyhedra Operations
A. Montes Discussing Parametric Groebner Bases: DPGB software
V. Prevosto The Foc Project: Building a Certified Computer Algebra Library
F. Schwarz ALLTYPES Software for Differential Algebra
F. Zinoun, J. Mikram SCANNER: a Maple Package for Symbolic Creation of Approximate Normal Forms for Nonlinear Differential Equations with Resonances.

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