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The city of Lille

You can find informations about Lille at the Web Site of the city of Lille

Lille is the fourth largest urban area in France with a population of more than a million. Easy reach from many European capitals. Thanks to the TGV. Efficient public transport network: the VAL.

Grand Place de Lille

The Giants of the North

Flanders is the country of the Giants (many hundreds) such as Gargantua in Bailleul, Jean the Woodcutter in Steenvoorde, the Tijse-Tajse family in Hazebrouck... The excitement of a carnival in the company of giants is typically Flemish. The giants are an old tradition in the North since the 16th century. There are made of wicker and can be carried by one or several people. A lot of towns have their giants which are taken out only one day per year.

Here are two of the most famous (Gayant, 8.5 meters and 370 kg and his wife Marie-Cagenon), Giants of Douai (40 kms from Lille). They are more than 300 years old but only have three children. At the beginning of July, they go back home for one year. First Gayant stops at the top of their street, in front of the brasserie "chez Alex". Marie-Cagenon catches her children playing in the street and send them home. Last, she goes "chez Alex", and brings her husband back home.

Fairs and Gastronomy

Markets, street fairs and bric-Ó-brac sales are vey popular.

A link (in french) to a site on giants

Typical Flemish dishes

As every province in France, the North is a land of gastronomy. And it is also a great land of beers.
Le Hochepot Le Hochepot

Boiled beef and pork with vegetables
La carbonnade flamande

Beef cooked in beer
La carbonnade flamande
Le potjevleesch Le potjevleesch

Meat composition in jelly
Le waterzo´

Different boiled fishes served in a creamy sauce
Le waterzo´

The beer

North of France and Belgium are well known for their beers. There are plenty of different beers. Many are artisanal productions that can be found only in the North. Here are some web sites of french breweries (brasserie in French) :
Duyck brewery French version English version
Castelain brewery French version English version
Jeanne d'Arc brewery French version English version
Saint-Sylvestre brewery French version English version

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