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Advance Program


Joint ISSAC and CALCULEMUS events are noted below in the conference schedule. CALCULEMUS sessions will be running in parallel on August 6 and 7. Please refer to the CALCULEMUS Program Schedule for more information.

Conference Schedule

Sunday 6 August

09:00-12:00 Tutorial 1
Martin Escardo: "Exact Numerical Computation." For further details, see Tutorials.
12:00-13:00 Lunch Break
13:00-16:00 Tutorial 2
Alexander Hulpke: "Using GAP." For further details, see Tutorials.
16:00-16:30 Coffee Break
16:30-19:30 Tutorial 3
Mohamed Omar Rayes: "Application of Computer Algebra in Mathematics Education." For further details, see Tutorials.

Monday 7 August

08:45-09:00 Welcoming Remarks from the Organizers
09:00-10:00 Invited Talk (held jointly with CALCULEMUS)
H. Barendregt and A. M. Cohen: "Representing and handling mathematical concepts by humans and machines."
10:00-10:30 Coffee Break / Poster Session*
10:30-12:35 Session: Eliminants and Resultants
M. Zhang and R. Goldman: "Rectangular Corner Cutting and Sylvester A-resultants."
A. Chtcherba and D. Kapur: "Conditions for Exact Resultants Using the Dixon Formulation."
C. W. Brown: "Improved Projection for CAD's of R3."
P. Lisonek and R. Israel: "Metric Invariants of Tetrahedra via Polynomial Elimination."
A. Dolzmann and V. Weispfenning: "Local Quantifier Elimination."
12:35-13:45 Lunch Break
13:45-14:00 Poster Session*
14:00-15:40 Session: Linear Algebra
G. Ivanyos: "Fast Randomized Algorithms for the Structure of Matrix Algebras over Finite Fields."
W. Eberly: "Black Box Frobenius Decompositions over Small Fields."
T. Mulders and A. Storjohann: "Rational Solutions of Singular Linear Systems."
J.-G. Dumas, B. D. Saunders and G. Villard: "Integer Smith Form via the Valence: Experience with Large Sparse Matrices from Homology."
15:40-16:00 Coffee Break / Poster Session*
16:00-17:40 Session: Linear Algebra and Applications
V. Pan: "Matrix Structure, Polynomial Arithmetic, and Erasure-Resilient Encoding/Decoding."
S. A. Abramov and M. Bronstein: "Hypergeometric Dispersion and the Orbit Problem."
A. Gupta, P. Rohatgi, and R. Agarwal: "Fast Practical Algorithms for the Boolean-Product-Witness-Matrix Problem."
C.-P. Jeannerod: "An Algorithm for the Eigenvalue Perturbation Problem. Reduction of a K-matrix to a Lidskii matrix."
17:40-18:40 Demo Session I
J. Abbott: CoCoA
S. Xambo: Omega
* Posters will be available for viewing anytime during conference hours. Authors will be available to discuss their posters at various times during the scheduled poster sessions. More details are available here.

Tuesday 8 August

08:30-09:30 Invited Talk
F. Cucker: "Solving Polynomial Systems: a Complexity Theory Viewpoint."
09:30-10:20 Session: Languages, Interfaces, Systems
A. C. Norman: "Further Evaluation of Java for Symbolic Computation."
J. Harris: "Advanced Notations in Mathematica."
10:20-10:50 Coffee Break / Poster Session*
10:50-12:05 Session: Arithmetic
N. Hur and J. H. Davenport: "An Exact Real Arithmetic with Equality Determination."
H. Cheng and E. Zima: "On Accelerated Methods to Evaluate Sums of Products of Rational Numbers."
G. E. Collins and W. Krandick: "Multiprecision Floating Point Addition."
12:05-13:35 Lunch Break
13:35-15:15 Session: Algebraic Geometry
B. Mourrain and Ph. Trebuchet: "Solving Projective Complete Intersection Faster."
G. Bodnar and J. Schicho: "An Improved Algorithm for the Resolution of Singularities."
F. Binder, E. Aichinger, J. Ecker, P. Mayr, and Ch. Nobauer: "Algorithms for Near-rings of Non-linear Transformations."
G. Lecerf: "Computing an Equidimensional Decomposition of an Algebraic Variety by Means of Geometric Resolutions."
15:15-15:45 Coffee Break / Poster Session*
15:45-16:35 Session: Parametrizations
J. Schicho: "Proper Parametrization of Surfaces with a Rational Pencil."
G. Landsmann, E. Hillgarter, J. Schicho and F. Winkler: "Symbolic Parametrization of Pipe and Canal Surfaces."
16:35-17:25 Session: Complexity
D. Grigoriev and N. Vorobjov: "Bounds on Numbers of Vectors of Multiplicities for Polynomials which are Easy to Compute."
M. Noecker: "Some Remarks on Parallel Exponentiation."
17:25-18:00 ISSAC Business Meeting
18:00-18:30 SIGSAM Business Meeting
18:30-19:30 Demo Session II
Waterloo Maple
Numerical Algorithms Group
20:00 Banquet
* Posters will be available for viewing anytime during conference hours. Authors will be available to discuss their posters at various times during the scheduled poster sessions. More details are available here.

Wednesday 9 August

08:45-09:45 Invited Talk
D. F. Holt: "Computation in Word-Hyperbolic Groups."
09:45-10:35 Session: Groups
I. Miyamoto: "Computing Normalizers of Permutation Groups Efficiently Using Isomorphisms of Association Schemes."
P. Fernandez-Ferreiros and M. Gomez-Molleda: "A Method for Deciding Whether the Galois Group is Abelian."
10:35-11:05 Coffee Break
11:05-12:45 Session: Differential Algebra and Equations
H. Anai and V. Weispfenning: "Deciding Linear-Trigonometric Problems."
A. Fredet: "Linear Differential Equations, Iterative Logarithms and Orderings on Monomial Differential Extensions."
G. J. Reid and A. D. Wittkopf: "Determination of Maximal Symmetry Groups of Classes of Differential Equations."
F. Boulier and F. Lemaire: "Computing Canonical Representatives of Regular Differential Ideals."
12:45-14:15 Lunch Break
14:15-15:55 Session: Groups and Non-commutative Algebra
J. C. Rosales, P. A. Garcia-Sanchez and J. I. Garcia-Garcia: "How to Check if a Finitely Generated Commutative Monoid is a Principal Ideal Commutative Monoid."
B. Reinert: "Solving Systems of Linear One-Sided Equations in Integer Monoid and Group Rings."
O. Cormier, M. F. Singer and F. Ulmer. "Computing the Galois Group of a Polynomial Using Linear Differential Equations."
E. L. Green, L. S. Heath and C. A. Struble: "Constructing Endomorphism Rings Via Duals."
15:55-16:25 Coffee Break
16:25-18:05 Session: Polynomial Algebra
J. Abbott, V. Shoup and P. Zimmermann: "Factorization in Z[x]: The Searching Phase."
M. Monagan and A. D. Wittkopf: "On the Design and Implementation of Brown's Algorithm over the Integers and Number Fields."
Y. Huang, H. J. Stetter, W. Wu and L. Zhi: "Pseudofactors of Multivariate Polynomials."
E. Kaltofen, W. Lee and A. A. Lobo: "Early Termination in Ben-Or/Tiwari Sparse Interpolation and a Hybrid of Zippel's Algorithm."
18:05 Farewell

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