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Registration Information

General Information

The on-line registration has been clsed on June 21, 2004. On-site registration is still possible with the corresponding rates below.
IAMC Workshop
The Internet Accessible Mathematical Computation (IAMC) workshop will take place as a satellite event of ISSAC 2004. Registration for IAMC is free to all ISSAC 2004 participants.
The Aldor workshop will be held on July 8th and 9th following of the ISSAC 2004 meeting and the IAMC workshop. There is no registration fee for the workshop. Individuals wishing to participate should send E-mail to catlan2004 @ by July 1, 2004.
Please book your rooms right in advance.
Social Events
Beside the conference banquet it is possible to register for a Post-ISSAC excursion.

Conference Fees

Early Registration Fees    
Standard registration fee 285 USD    (~230 EUR)
Registration fee for ACM/SIG members 250 USD (~202 EUR)
Registration fee for students 50 USD (~40 EUR)
Registration fee for students presenting a paper 0 USD
Late/On-Site Registration Fees
Standard registration fee 320 USD (~259 EUR)
Registration fee for ACM/SIG members 280 USD (~226 EUR)
Registration fee for students 70 USD (~57 EUR)
Registration fee for students presenting a paper 0 USD
Participating 1 tutorial 70 USD (~57 EUR)
Participating 1 tutorial (students' fee) 40 USD (~32 EUR)
Participating 2 tutorials 100 USD (~81 EUR)
Participating 2 tutorials (students' fee) 60 USD (~48 EUR)
One banquet ticket costs 65 USD (~53 EUR)
One child banquet ticket costs 30 USD (~24 EUR)

The standard registration fee and the registration fee for ACM/SIG members include:

  • admission to all scientific sessions (except tutorials),
  • a copy of the conference program,
  • a copy of the conference proceedings,
  • a conference banquet ticket,
  • all refreshment breaks.

Student registrations do not include admission to the conference banquet. Students who want to attend the banquet can buy tickets either via the on-line registration form or at the Registration Desk.


Payments will have to be done in USD. The prices in EUR change according to the current exchange rates (the ones above were computed using the one on March 8, 2004).

The accepted methods of payment are: Credit Card and Check.
This holds both for On-Line and On-Site Registrations, so in particular, on-site cash payment is not possible.

When paying with check, please mail it, along with a printout of the confirmation email you receive after registration, to the following address:

Carsten Schneider
Schloss Hagenberg (RISC)
A-4232 Hagenberg i.M.

Checks should be made payable to ACM/ISSAC 04.

Please keep in mind that the checks must be received by the treasurer

  • till June 7, 2004 in case of early registrations
  • till June 20, 2004 in case of late registrations

the latest! If your check does not arrive within these deadlines, it will not be possible to process your payment, hence your on-line registration will have to be canceled. This will leave you with the only possibility of on-site registration.

Cancellation Policy

Registrations can be cancelled till the deadline of the early registrations: June 4, 2004. The fee of refund is 40 USD. Cancellations can be requested in email (to issac2004 @ attaching the confirmation email sent by the on-line registration server.

After June 4, 2004, no registration fees can be refunded!


If you need assistance concerning the registration process, please contact the Registration Chair: Jose Luis Montaña. If you need a letter of invitation, please contact the Local Arrangements Chair: Luis M. Pardo.

Receipts for registration fees will be issued upon request and handled at the Registration Desk during the conference. The Registration Desk will be placed at the main Hall of the Faculty of Sciences, University of Cantabria (where all ISSAC activities will take place).

  issac2004 @