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Santander Gastronomic Guide for Visitors


Below yo can find a brief gastronomic guide of the town of Santander. It has been elaborated following my particular taste rather than essence of usefulness. Nevertheless I hope it will be profitable. Restaurants are listed by alphabetical order. The (*) means about ten minutes walk from the University. Any case it takes about five minutes using either public transport from the Faculty or taxi to reach the furthest recommended restaurant enclosed in this selection. Take into account that taxi is a cheap service in Santander.

Best wishes,
José Luis Montaña
On behalf of the Local Arrangement Committee

Restaurants in the Neighborhood of the Faculty of Science

(*) BEDOYA 2, Los Castro 53f (In front of the University)
Very near the Faculty of Science. Restaurant of menu of the day. Low prices according to low qualities. Affordable prices for students and university professors.
(*) LA CABAÑA, Avenida de Maura, 1 - 39005 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 27 05 91
It is located near the Faculty of Science walking to the beach, next to the Sardinero surrounded by a beautiful pinegrove. The dishes elaborated in this restaurant belong to the spanish basic cuisine.
(*) CAFETERIA PUNTA CANA, Avenida de Los Castros 83
Restaurant of menu of the day. Affordable prices for students and university professors.
(*) CERVECERIA ISAE, Fernando de los Ríos
Restaurant of menu of the day. Affordable prices for students and university professors. Very good "tapas".
(*) CERVECERIA KISS, Avda. de los Castros 81
Menu of the day. Affordable prices for students and university professors.
(*) CERVECERIA-MARISQUERIA ESCUDERO, Avda los Castros, 53d (in front to the University) Tel: 942 - 27 40 63, 28 07 15
Near the Faculty of Science. Restaurant of menu of the day. You can also order fish and shellfish not included in the menu.

Some good restaurants in Santander

The food and drinks in Spain are without a doubt a fantastic sensation for the taste buds. You can choose from cheeses, tapas, paellas and an abundance of sea food.

Let's not forget the wines! We think they speak for themselves, however if so far you have not been fortunate enough to try one, then get down to one of the recommended restaurants on this page and ask the waiter to show you a good time. Enjoy with the next selection.

LA BOMBI, Casimiro Sainz, 15 - 39003 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 21 30 28
Located in the neighborhood of Puerto Chico, crossing the tunnel conecting Avenida de los Castros with downtown. It is specialized in meats, fish and sea food. The relationship price/quality is quite correct. Careful service.
BODEGA CIGALEÑA, Daoía y Velarde, 19 - 39003 SANTANDER Tel.: 942 - 21 30 62
Located in downtown near the Paseo Pereda. Excellent Iberian ham (jamón ibérico) and very wide cellar. Good roasted meets and fish. Spanish atmosphere.
LA FLOR DE MIRANDA, Avda. de los Infantes, 1 39005 SANTANDER Tel.: 942 - 27 10 56
Classical restaurant in the city. Good hake and other fish from the Cantabrian sea. Also meats and seafood.
MESON GELE, Eduardo Benot, 4 - 39003 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 22 10 21
Located in downtown in the vicinities of the Paseo Pereda. Excellent quality in meats, fish and Iberian ham. Spanish atmosphere.
JOSE BASILIO, Tetuán, 23 - 39004 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 31 05 73
A classical restaurant in the gastronomically popular neighborhood of Tetuán. Fish and sea food. Reasonable prices. Very high quality cuisine. It can be easily reached crossing the tunnel connecting Avenida de los Castros with downtown.
LAURY, Avda. Pedro San Martín, 4 - 39010 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 33 01 09
Sea food, shellfish and meats of excellent quality. Specialty in oysters, clams to the pan, and grilled fish or prepared in the oven.
EL LLAR, Corbán, 62 - Ctra Virgen del Mar - 39012 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 34 70 35
Located in the surroundings of the city it is particularly suitable to taste specialties of the Cantabrian cuisine, particularly sausage (spanish ham), pudding, "torreznos", stews and roasted. Excellent relationship prices/quality. Car should be used to reach this restaurant
LOS PEÑUCAS, Barrio Pesquero - 39009 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 22 94 45
One of the most typical in the fishing neighborhood (Barrio Pesquero). In this whole area you can enjoy half quality fish and shellfish at low prices. Very valuated by tourism due to some kind of underground spanish typism.
LA POSADA DEL MAR, Juan de la Cosa, 3 - 39004 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 21 56 56
One of the best restaurants in the city. Reservation required. High prices.
BAR DEL PUERTO, Hernán Cortés, 63 - 39003 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 21 30 01
Again, one of the best restaurants in the city. Reservation required. High prices.
RHIN, Plaza de Italia, s/n - 39005 SANTANDER Tel :942 - 27 08 68
In this restaurant will the social dinner take place. It is advisable for the good views that one enjoys from their dining room.
BODEGA EL RIOJANO, Calle Rio de la Pila 5 (Cantabria) Tel: 94 2216750
This colorful bodega is as famous for it's decorative wine barrels, painted by Cantabrian artists, as it is for its food. The stuffed red peppers are said to be the best in the world. Good selection of tapas.
LA SARDINA, Glorieta del Dr. Fleming - 39005 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 27 10 35
Famous in the Sardinero. Good quality fish and shellfish.
MESON SEGOVIANO, Menéndez Pelayo, 49 - 39006 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 21 75 03
Excellent quality in regional and Castilian dishes.
ZACARIAS, Hernán Cortés, 38 39003 SANTANDER Tel: 942 - 21 06 88
Featuring authentic Cantabrian dishes, this popular restaurant and lively tapas bar will give you a complete taste of regional specialitities. I recommend squids, tomatoes of Liendo, clams, oysters,...
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