Awards and Prizes

SIGSAM's most prestigious technical award is the biannual Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize for Software Engineering applied to Computer Algebra. A short summary is given below while more details are on the dedicated Jenks Memorial Prize Webpage.

SIGSAM also gives awards for Distinguished Papers and Distinguished Student Authors at the annual ISSAC meeting. A record of previous winners, award citations and links to papers are all on the ISSAC Awards Webpage.

Several SIGSAM members have been named ACM Fellows since the program was established in 1993. Our list and the citations can be found on the ACM Fellows Page Also, in 2007, Bruno Buchberger was awarded the Paris Kanellakis Award for his role in developing the theory of Groebner Bases (see this page for details).

SIGSAM actively seeks to promote members for ACM awards and other prizes. If you see an opportunity to recognize excellent work in computer algebra and scientific computation, please bring it to the attention of the SIGSAM Chair.

Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize

Awarded biannually by SIGSAM, the ACM SIGSAM Richard Dimick Jenks Memorial Prize is awarded for Excellence in Software Engineering applied to Computer Algebra.

The purpose of the Jenks Memorial Prize is to recognize outstanding software engineering contributions in the field of computer algebra and to encourage future excellence in such research and development. The prize is named in memory of Richard Dimick Jenks who, during his life and professional career, provided leadership to the computer algebra community and made important contributions to software engineering; applied to algebraic computation. The prize is given out every two years, at the International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC).

For more information see the Jenks Memorial Prize webpage.