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CCA Issue 195 available

Wednesday 27th April 2016

Issue 195 of ACM Communications in Computer Algebra has been published and is available to SIGSAM members here.

Upcoming Conferences

Monday 11th April

SIGSAM maintains a list of Upcoming Conferences. This year ISSAC 2016 will be held in Cooperation with SIGSAM in Waterloo, Canada on 19-22 July. To include your meeting on these lists contact

2015 Jenks Memorial Prize

Friday 6th November 2015

The 2015 Richard D. Jenks Memorial Prize has been awarded to Prof. Victor Shoup for NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory. See the Award page for details.

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Upcoming Conferences

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ICMS 2016

5th International Congress on Mathematical Software (ICMS)
11-14 July 2016
Berlin, Germany

ISSAC 2016

41st International Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation
20-22 July 2016
Waterloo, Ontario, Canada

ACA 2016

22nd Conference on Applications of Computer Algebra
1-4 August 2016
Kassel, Germany

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ACM DL Selections

SIGSAM members benefit from access to the ACM Digital Library.

Computing the Rank Profile Matrix
Jean-Guillaume Dumas, Clement Pernet and Ziad Sultan
Proc. ISSAC 2015, pages 149-156, ACM, 2015
Digital Library Link

Formulas for Continued Fractions: An Automated Guess and Prove Approach
Sebastien Maulat and Bruno Salvy
Proc. ISSAC 2015, pages 275-282, ACM, 2015
Digital Library Link

The SDEval benchmarking toolkit
Albert Heinle and Viktor Levandovsky
ACM Communications in Computer Algebra, 49:1, ACM, 2015.
Digital Library Link

Quadratic interval refinement for real roots
J. Abbott
ACM Communications in Computer Algebra, 48:1, pages 3-12, ACM, 2014.
Digital Library Link


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