Computer Algebra Journals

Research in Computer Algebra, Symbolic Computation, and its applications is found in a number of scientific journals. Here are some of the journals devoted to the subject, and journals that regularly publish articles in the discipline.

Books on computer algebra

We have attempted a catalogue of books on computer algebra on this page. Of course, no such page can every be complete, so we enourage you to send any additional books to the CCA Editors (who are managing this list).

Journals specializing in Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation

The Journal of Symbolic Computation (JSC)

Editor's web page. Editorial board. Publisher: Elsevier.

Applicable Algebra in Engineering, Communication and Computing (AAECC)

Editor: Jacques Calmet. Editorial board. Publisher: Springer.

Mathematics in Computer Science (MCS)

Editors: Dongming Wang and Zhiming Zheng. Editorial board. Publisher: Birkhauser.

London Mathematics Society Journal of Computation and Mathematics

Editor: John Cremona. Editorial board. Publisher: London Mathematics Society.

Journals publishing regularly on Computer Algebra and Symbolic Computation

ACM Transactions on Mathematical Software (ACM TOMS)

Editor: Ian Gladwell. Editorial board. Publisher: ACM.

Mathematics of Computation

Editor: Chi-Whang Shu. Editorial board. Publisher: The American Mathematical Society.

SIAM Journal on Computing (SICOMP)

Editor: Eva Tardos. Editorial board. Publisher: SIAM.

Experimental Mathematics

Editor: Yuri Tschinkel. Editorial board. Publisher: A.K. Peters.

Computational Complexity

Editor: Joachim von zur Gathen. Editorial board. Publisher.

Computers and Mathematics with Applications

Editor: Ervin Y. Rodin. Editorial board. Publisher: Elsevier.

Foundations of Computational Mathematics

Editors: Arieh Iseries and Peter J. Olver. Editorial board. Publisher: Springer.

Theoretical Computer Science

Editors: G. Ausiello and D. Sannella . Editorial board. Publisher: Elsevier.