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In September, 2003, before his death in December, Dick talked to several persons in the computer algebra community about his desire to establish a prize in software engineering as applied to computer algebra. The prize was to be started with the residual funds from the Computers and Mathematics conferences that he and David Chudnovsky had organized. He discussed a number of his ideas with us in broad terms, but he became incapacitated before all the details could be worked out. We thus carried on trying to do what we thought he wanted. The only directive we did not follow was, "Do not name the prize for me."

The funds from Computers and Mathematics were transferred to a bank account that was set up for the prize endowment at the Wilmington Trust Company in Wilmington, Delaware. After Dick's death a number of friends and organizations contributed additional funds to the prize fund. With the listing of their names here, we hereby gratefully acknowledge their support.

Laurie Abbate
Bruno Buchberger
Jane and Bob Caviness
Barbara Gatje
Keith Geddes
Gaston Gonnet
James H. Griesmer
Tony and Jo Hearn
Se June Hong
IBM Corp.
Doris Jenks
Lynne D. Jenks
Elizabeth Kelly
Joel Moses
David and Martha Musser
Josianne Passanante
Warren J. Plath
Don and Doris Quarles
David Saunders
William Sit

The fund, as of September 28, 2004, has a balance of US$27,256.29 after the awarding of the prize for 2004. This is not enough to continue the prize indefinitely. At today's low interest rates, the fund needs approximately US$10,000 additional to be self sustaining.

To date the prize has been administered by an ad-hoc committee consisting of Manuel Bronstein (until his sad, untimely death in 2005; he was replaced by David Musser in 2006), Bob Caviness, James Davenport, Patrizia Gianni, and Barry Trager. It is anticipated that in the near future, the prize funds and administration will be transferred to a professional organization (as of Summer 2006 the prize is officially the ACM SIGSAM Richard Dimick Jenks Memorial Prize and will be administered by ACM SIGSAM). With this change, it is hoped that additional contributions will be made to the prize fund so that it can become financially self sustaining. Additional contributions via ACM will now be deductible for US tax purposes.

Many thanks to William Sit and Erich Kaltofen for helpful suggestions for improvement of this web site.

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