Richard Dimick Jenks
Memorial Prize for Excellence in
Software Engineering applied to Computer Algebra

2004 Award to the SINGULAR team of the University of Kaiserslautern
2006 Award to John J. Cannon of The University of Sydney for work on MAGMA and Cayley
2008 Award to the GAP Group: Groups, Algorithms and Programming
2011 Award to the Maple Project at the University of Waterloo
2013 Award to William Arthur Stein of the Sage Project at the University of Washington
2015 Award to Professor Victor Shoup for NTL: A Library for doing Number Theory
2017 Award to Stephen Wolfram for Wolfram|Alpha and Mathematica
2019 Award to Michael Stillman for Macaulay and Macaulay2
2021 Award Henri Cohen, Karim Belabas, and Bill Allombert for the Pari/GP computer algebra system

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