ISSAC Awards Guidelines

ISSAC Award Criteria

SIGSAM shall give the ISSAC Distinguished Paper Award and the ISSAC Distinguished Student Author Award to authors of ISSAC papers that display excellence in areas that include, but are not limited to, algebraic computation, symbolic-numeric computation, and system design and implementation.

An author is eligible for the ISSAC Distinguished Student Author Award if they were a student at the time their paper was submitted.

Composition of the Selection Committee

The Selection Committee consists of the ISSAC Program Committee, chaired by the Program Committee Chair.

Form of the Award

The ISSAC Distinguished Paper Award and the ISSAC Distinguished Student Author Award consist of an honorarium not to exceed US$1000, along with a certificate and a citation stating the justification for the award. The awards will be presented jointly by the SIGSAM Chair and the ISSAC General Chair.

Selection Procedure

Nominations for the awards may be made by any member of the Selection Committee. The Selection Committee decides to give an award by a majority vote. The Selection Committee shall complete its review and report its selections to the SIGSAM Chair before the last day of the ISSAC meeting.

A student who is author or coauthor of a paper may be nominated for the ISSAC Distinguished Student Author Award by the Selection Committee or by a nonstudent coauthor of the paper. If the student has a nonstudent coauthor, the Selection Committee shall request a statement by the nonstudent coauthor on the significance of the student contribution. For the Student Author Award, the Selection Committee shall consider both the quality of the paper and the significance of the student contribution, giving greater weight to students who are primary authors.

Papers authored or coauthored by a member of the Selection Committee are not eligible for a Distinguished Paper Award. A student coauthor of a paper is eligible for a Distinguished Student Author Award even if another coauthor of the paper serves on the Selection Committee. If a student coauthor is nominated for the Student Author Award, any coauthor with that student who serves on the Selection Committee shall recuse themselves from deliberations and voting on this award.


The honoraria will be paid from the SIGSAM award endowment. The amount to be paid from the endowment for each award shall be determined by the SIGSAM Chair, with due regard to any recommendation offered by the Selection Committee. The ISSAC General Chair may augment the award amounts from ISSAC funds.

Revisions and Reauthorization

The SIGSAM Executive Committee may amend these guidelines, subject to approval by the ACM Awards Committee. The SIGSAM Chair may request that the SIGSAM Executive Committee review the awards and vote on whether to reauthorize or suspend the awards for that year. In the event of a review, the SIGSAM Chair should hold the vote and notify the ISSAC General Chair of the decision before the first Call for Papers.

These guidelines were approved by the SIGSAM Executive Committee on 8 June 2002 and approved by the ACM Awards Committee on 10 June 2002.