SIGSAM Business Meeting

July 6, 2004


  1. Introduction
  2. Treasurer's Report: Wayne Eberly
  3. Bulletin Editors' Report: Austin Lobo
  4. Secretary's Report: Mark van Hoeij
  5. Vice-Chair's Report: Manuel Bronstein
  6. Chair's Report: Emil Volcheck

Treasurer's Report

Bulletin Editors' Report

Secretary's Report

Vice-Chair's Report

Chair's Report

  1. Thanks to our volunteers!
  2. How is SIGSAM doing?
  3. Awards
  4. Citations for CAS
  5. Bylaws
  6. Progress on Projects announced in 2003
  7. Lack of Progress
  8. Public Policy: USACM, EUACM
  9. How you can help

Thanks for your Support!