Call for Papers JSC-ISSAC 2010

                                CALL FOR PAPERS



                                 Guest Editors
                     Wolfram Koepf and Stephen M. Watt

This special issue is related to topics discussed in the context of
the ISSAC Conference in July 2010 in Munich, Germany. The International
Symposium on Symbolic and Algebraic Computation (ISSAC) is the premier 
annual conference to present and discuss new developments and original 
research results in all areas of symbolic mathematical computation.

Topics include, but are not limited to:

Algorithmic aspects:
   Exact and symbolic linear, polynomial and differential algebra.  
   Symbolic-numeric, homotopy, perturbation and series methods.  
   Computational geometry, group theory and number theory.  
   Summation, recurrence equations, integration, solution of ODE & PDE.
   Symbolic methods in other areas of pure and applied mathematics.

   General methods or methods that improve important special cases.
   Theoretical and practical aspects, including general algorithms,
   techniques for important special cases, complexity analyses of 
   algebraic algorithms and algebraic complexity.
Software aspects:
   Design of packages and systems.  Data representation.  Software analysis.  
   Considerations for modern hardware, e.g., current memory and storage
   technologies, high performance systems and mobile devices.
   User interface issues, including collaborative computing and new methods 
   for input and manipulation.

   Interfaces and use with systems for, e.g., document processing, 
   digital libraries, courseware, simulation and optimization, automated
   theorem proving, computer aided design and automatic differentiation.
Application aspects:
   Applications that stretch the current limits of computer algebra,
   use computer algebra in new ways or in situations with broad impact.

The special issue will contain a selection of papers which
substantially extend existing works on these topics. The submission
is open to contributions not necessarly related to papers included in
the proceedings of ISSAC 2010.

The guiding principles for the publication procedure will be the following:

- Original research results and insightful analysis of current concerns are
   solicited for submission. Submissions must not duplicate work already
   published or submitted for publication elsewhere. Further insights on 
   papers included in the Proceedings of the ISSAC 2010 Conference are 
   welcome, but the new contributions should be relevant and specifically
   highlighted in the submission cover letter.

   The paper should explain in its introduction, what the problem is, its
   importance, the contribution of the paper, how it is related to the 
   existing literature, and what are the significant improvements/enhancement 
   compared to the related ISSAC 2010 paper, if it exists.

- All the papers will be refereed according to the JSC standards.

- Papers should be submitted by email to or

- DEADLINE: December 10, 2010

- The format is pdf. Please prepare your manuscript by using the JSC style
   files, which are available from the JSC home pages at .

- Notification of acceptance: May 17, 2011.

- The final versions should be sent in by the end of May 2010, with tex
   sources, in the same way as the initial submission.