Volume 48, Number 2
June 2014
Issue 188
32 Message from the SIGSAM Chair
I. Kotsireas
33 Some definite integrals containing the Tree T function
R.M. Corless, J.Hu, D.J.Jeffrey
42 Numerics of the Generalized Lambert W Function
T.C. Scott,G. Fee, J.Grotendorst, W.Z. Zhang
57 Book review
59 Abstracts of the 2014 East Coast Computer Algebra Day
X. Sun, N.P. Pitsianis, A.-S. Iliopoulos
64 Abstracts of recent Doctoral Dissertations in Computer Algebra
67 Kolchin Seminar in Differential Algebra
A. Ovchinnikov
70 The Kolchin Seminar in Differential Algebra at The Graduate Center of The City University of New York
74 Recent and Upcoming Events
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